It began as just a vicious rumour before it took its form of a toxic tumour

It was a one-stop shop for fear & control before we counted its toll

Chapter & verse 19 soon mutated into a virus for the uneducated masses

The vulnerable, weak & stupid were locked into the rules & absorbed the joke

Complete population violation


It festered beyond the borders & crept slowly with its breath of death

Daily briefings & updates ensured the panic was the iron rod with which to rule

Every Sunday the leader stood at the lectern to preach the lies of disease

Like lambs to the slaughter they queued up to listen to the scaremongering

Forced segregation manipulation


Scientists shook their heads in disbelief as the misinformation was spread

They knew the truth but had their tongues & funding threatened if they spoke out

It reached its peak & soon they all turned on each other with syringes drawn

Fights over the correct numbers & who had sinned first by breaking the rules

Complete liberation desecration


Everybody was tracked & traced & punished by the enlightened elite

No cure for this pandemic could be found amongst the fake news

They died in their thousands in the name of an unseen viral dictator

Social media & websites filled with divine teachings on how to survive

Forced isolation legislation


One man against the grain & against the establishment found the cure

He bottled up the foul-smelling substance & dug himself into a hole

60 metres down he planted the seed of power & laid down next to it

The concrete solidified around the vessel of salvation as he drew a final breath…


…there, religion was buried into a tomb of stone.


C ontrol

O f

V ulnerable & weak

I ndividuals who are too

D umb to question the truth



© 2020 Unsub


  • dusk arising

    Well that's exactly how religion has been growing. INFECT THEM WITH FEAR AS LITTLE CHILDREN and watch it fester in their lives.

    Only those brave and intelligent enough to ask the important questions which organised religions have NEVER been able to answer will free themselves of the religious disease.

    Lets face it, even the christian church has diversified into hundreds of splinter groups because it cant answer it's own questions.

    Great piece of writing Unsub, I only hope your audience are bright enough to pick up on the message.

    • Unsub


      religion is a disease that has infected the human race for an eternity.

      I don't expect all to get it; most will ignore it as it goes against their own views & won't discuss it.

      Appreciate your assistance in evolving this one.



      • AwHec8

        Good God dusk arising have you NEVER had Love in your life like a lover 1 to another? I have and that helps me to understand how I want to Love my Lord Jesus. Just Saying
        Take the vague description of what is here on Earth then imagine perfection in the God from above so high you or me or anyone cannot understand HIM! Period. Then imagine not only that kind of POWER, But LOVE TOO! So immense it would boggle your mind, my mind, anyone's mind. That is the POWER OF LOVE, JESUS'S LOVE! Period. Don

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      • orchidee

        Yes, 'religion', but not true Christianity - where that can be found.
        And - be with you in a bit, when I have translated the Greek bit!

        • Unsub


          true Christianity? So many versions of that, that it becomes impossible to believe any. Surely if there is one true version the others would all agree; but it seems they all think theirs is the true version...& this is just a comment on christianity & not scraping the surface of the hundreds of other religions that apparently are the true version.

          Not sure about the Greek part you mention.

          Thanks as always for dropping in,



          • orchidee

            The bit at the end appeared in Greek - true! It's changed back to English now.
            I suppose in churches, some pick and choose what they like; leave out what they don't like; emphasise certain parts; ignore other parts; etc. It's admittedly confusing. We say 'Which is the right church then?!'

          • Bragee

            Interesting views on present day life.
            I often find myself tossing and turning with many questions regarding COVID. However one thing remains constant...fear can’t live here.

            • Unsub


              this isn't about COVID but it certainly covers fear.

              Appreciate you spending time to read & comment on this piece,



              • AwHec8

                Good Lord in His Kingdom! Why do you think there are 12 Tribes of Judah? 12 Apostles of Jesus? Pick up the Bible read the story with an open Heart or Don't. Because God Himself Absolutely Loves Variety, Like YOU and Me and everyone else! Why do you think God said He will find His Wheat among the weeds of this Earth? Because you or me or anyone else don't get to Judge, ONLY God Himself. Damn People why is this like talking to goats and not sheep? Just Saying
                Oh yeah I will tell you the same thing I have said to anyone who will listen, the only 1 between you and the God of Everything is Love Himself! Period. As He fulfilled Love in Law!

              • Laura


                Dusk has an excellent handle on this one with his comments! No need for me to add anything else except for...
                •Thank you for the bonus—
                the acrostic.
                •A nice play on words—
                the title! 👏🏻👏🏻

                As Always...

                • Unsub


                  Dusky has indeed got a handle on this subject matter.

                  All quality poetry must include an acrostic...apparently!


                  • Laura

                    The bonus comment was meant to be a sarcastic one; whereas, the title was a brilliant maneuver!

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Religion has a very great deal for which to answer, the few brainwashing the many into thinking that religion is the way to go.
                    As you know I was a committed christian but never forced it down others throats and when the christian religion failed me and I forego it it was as though a weight had been taken from me and I am know freer that I have ever been, even friends and family recognise this.

                    This life is each individuals to live and by living it in your own way without being persuaded to go down another's path with them will lead to wonder and happiness.


                    • Unsub


                      doesn't that freedom feel great?

                      I fully understand your viewpoint & how it changed as events in your life changed.

                      Much respect to you,


                    • ANGELA & BRIAN

                      Thank you UNSUB for a very interesting POEM aimed at the Negative effecct of RELIGION on an unsupecting Mankind and likening it to the current devastatiing effect of COVID 19. We know we are biaised but we would see it a more of a critique of Politics than Religion ! Especially the final Acrostic Mantra

                      C ontrol
                      O f
                      V ulnerable & weak
                      I ndividuals - who are too
                      D umb to question the truth

                      Love - Joy - Peace
                      And a COVID 19 free future !
                      Angela & Brian 💛💛💛

                      • Unsub


                        this isn't aimed at the negative effect of religion, just religion completely.

                        It is also about religion & not politics.

                        I hoped you'd enjoy a good old fashioned acrostic; not sure why it ended up in the final draft but Carys liked it & guess I did too.

                        Appreciate your airing your views,


                      • peto

                        Superb unsub
                        Best thing I've read for a while
                        So much going on here
                        Even with the title
                        What demonic face shall we see today

                        I'll leave it to the academics to tell you what you are writing

                        All I can say is
                        More please

                        Brilliant writing

                        • Unsub


                          thanks for the positive vibe my friend.

                          I'll await an academic to join MPS so they can attempt to tell me the error of my ways.

                          much respect,


                        • AwHec8

                          Unsub, You know I have 1 question and please forgive me as it is not about the Poem or the Write. It is about you and your motivation & method to achieve what you desire in Life. What does you or anyone like you who believes in NOTHING count as REALITY? I mean who is your Daddy or Mommy? Again I am only looking to understand as I had a roommate like you spouting off the same line. I asked him what I am asking You, What am I missing? If you have the answers please put them out for us all to grow and grow up so to speak rather than just being another critic. I could say that I don't belong to a religion but then it would be dishonest as anything a human being believes in, is a religion, science, math, atheism or just old timey religion and yes even what you believe in too. Is a freaking religion.
                          Oh I am still waiting on your accepting my Friend request. Just Saying Don
                          "Waiting On You"

                          • Unsub


                            waiting for my friend request acceptance is futile; as it says it's a friend request, we are not friends. I don't know you & I am not interested in getting to know you. Nothing personal, just we have nothing in common at all.

                            You state I believe in nothing? I have not stated that as a fact ever as it simply isn't true so please refrain from false accusations.

                            Why do I need to tell you what I believe in? I know what I believe in & choose not to ram it down the throats of others.

                            As for who is my Daddy or Mommy? What sort of question is that.

                            Anyway I have wasted way too much time on your comment.

                            As mentioned at the end of the very long conversation between you & Dusky, may I ask you kindly to refrain from challenging the commentators on my poems. They have posted their views safely on my page & are not required to back up their views to you.

                            Should you continue with this persistence of challenging my readers on MY PAGE I will have no other option than to block you from my page.

                            Kind regards


                            • Unsub

                              Blocked - sick to death of your preaching!


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                            • DianeKey6

                              super anti religion poem hiddenn in a pandemic cover. this is a clever and well thought out piece. i have had some trouble with awhec8 nad now i see he fights and is rude to everybody so it isnt just me. i feel better knowing that. a good poem i will share with my dad as he will love your words , Diane

                              • Unsub


                                Thanks for reading & commenting.

                                I’d avoid AwHec as he will not accept he is wrong ever & turns his rudeness as if it is you being rude. He is aggressive & is unliked by many here on MPs which is why his work gets very few comments. I’ve blocked him as he uses my page to preach his nonsense. I suggest you just avoid him.

                                Take it easy.


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