As born.....


As born.....

Having being judged, naked


my soul is stripped of its aura
my mind is stripped of its knowledge
my heart is stripped of all desire
my being is stripped of its identity


I journey to Purgatory


  • orchidee

    Well, I dunno if I will journey to Purgatory. Erm, a main point being that I don't believe in it!
    This came to mind, reading this, if it links in some way: 'What a person is before God, that he/she is, and nothing more'. (St Francis of Assisi).

    • Suresh

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    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      Great feeling to this S I like this

      Is this Purgatory?

      You might be right!

      • Suresh

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      • dusk arising

        Another man made myth for which there is no proof only belief induced by childhood indoctrination of fear of god. Blimey if god is so terrible what on earth are we doing worshipping him/it/her. Purgatory, invented when the world was flat and stating that the world revolved around the sun was heresy.

        Apart from that, nice work lol.

        • Suresh

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        • Neville

          we would ne'er allow such a thing to happen..

          a dark but essentially honest, ragged and real reflective projection perchance... whatever the case a worthy write and read....


          • Suresh

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          • Suresh

            These few words highlight the stark reality of our existence.

            When birthed, we are born with none of the attributes, and shed them upon departing. Our birth is not a reward, as every aspect of life is a struggle, interspersed with euphoria to keep hope alive. We are a product of fire, and so to purgatory we shall descend.

            Ones belief is their own, a means to cope with their struggles. Neither do they influence nor are a part of this reality.

            A concise poem is presented, where explanation becomes volumes. I do so want to thank you all for honoring me with these and further comments.

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