It’s been a while since I thought in this direction
and in my head you’re still an impossible suggestion
But wandering is good
We dwell in its field when we ponder the question

“What would I do if I could?”

Would you like to know where you live in my heart?
Actually – shut up
Don’t say…
I’m going to tell you whichever way

You’re in the middle of a meadow
A twisted flower
A petalled chicane
That seems to attract more butterflies
than the rest combined

An invitation
Of understanding and longing and sheen and need
Of green and light and joy and red

Hey watch out!
There’s a bee on your head

Then again it’s just doing its duty

It’s loving you

And despite what I try to avoid

I am too


  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Sounds like a future regret o the question never asked?

    Don't have regrets in old age... go for it

    Thanks for sharing great emotion

    • Brimelow

      Something like that Andrew - thank you for your comment

    • dusk arising

      The liveliness of this piece is enthralling. There is joy of love and life itself in here although the target love may be unrequited. Such is love when there is plenty of time ahead, plenty more apples upon the tree.

      Really enjoyed this.

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