Ring-a-ring o' roses                                                                                                                         

A pocket full of posies                                                                                                           

I've had the worst week ever                                                                                           

Remembering the forgotten years                                                                                       

I'm saccharine, it's one of the common themes                                                             

Another part of the daily routine


Blue winds sing love songs on the plane

As green as the greenest grass

With a chip on my shoulder I've been daydreaming

I have been lost in a pool of emotions

With my elbows placed firmly on ageless wood

I am bored following the rules of the sun

I am never-ending

Water dripping from a tap in a gross building

The ice tips of an ocean wave

A constellation

Stressed out and aching

In the night, I'm a fire hazard

A banana split, sticky like maple syrup

Dopey and tired, in my haven

I've came to a precise understanding

The rapture has gone and living is arduous

I'm like a real for holding thread

Crying like a blackbird

When will it be over?

I can't take anymore

Ghostly echoes, purple fogs, days wanting to die

Like the horizon sewed to the duck-egg blue sky

I can never get a break like a dartboard

I try my best to answer questions

But nothing matters at all when you're six

Like an excited child on Christmas

Got everything on your wishlist

You're priceless

In the present like a concept

Upside down and inside out

I have seen them like moons, like dunes

Like choppy sea waves or a damn monkey wrench

Reading about A Curse Against Elegies

I can't get a minute to breathe

I'm always making up excuses

I'm brave and cowardly

Going places I never expected

I feel at home on streets


Stood in silence

Around the factory noises

Like I'm a timepiece breaking promises

I have more magic tricks up my sleeve

Cuts and bruises

Always got something to complain about

The dark clouds burst and the rain showers down

As if it's a simple chord progression

Like a symptom


By the satin, red curtains                                                                                                                   

And the flatscreen television                                                                                                       

I ate a tiger for dinner                                                                                                           

Went to my tiger orchard                                                                                             

And went donkey mad at an apple feast                                                                         

It was comical taxidermy                                                                                                 

I wanted more tigers                                                                                                             

Like I love the smell of rich dirt and hearty grass                                                                         

My favourite, as well as the pink sheep                                                                         

Ring-a-ring o' roses                                                                                                                         

A pocket full of posies                                                         

I've had the worst week ever.                       

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