If we continue

Down this lane

Of misplaced hate

And displaced minds

We'll turn heaven into hell

One replaced truth at a time

There's better ways of reaching peace

Than to pull the pin and not release

Nobodies perfect

No one's a saint

But while we're here

There's bread to break

Then if we want it most of all

The paint will fade

The walls will fall

Time delivers us to fate

Yes we all face that curtain call


Our heart was hurt

Our head disturbed

Still we emerge

A little tired

A little burned

For what we let In

Can't be returned 

A little hell

And a lesson learned


I think it's time

Yes wear the pearls 

Tonights the night

Give me a twirl

A little heaven

And all is well

Let's not be late

Come on my girl...

Let's go ride the carousel 

Let's go drink that zinfandel 

Let's go cast a brand new spell.. 

For only time, yes only time will tell

Now they're opening back up the world...





  • Author: Edthepoet (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 28th, 2020 14:33
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • MissileOfUncertainty

    I really enjoyed the read. The flow was excellent! It’s a perfect testimony to the modern world.

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