God at creation

God at creation


When God created the world

He must be in a big freehand

Or at a whimsical moment

Then there was light,

There was day and night

Stars upon the vault

Fishes in the ocean

Vegetation for the land

And animals and birds

Then Adam out of dust

And Eve from his bust

done in flying colors at a stroke

Everything is in Perfection

Yet without elaboration

And the amaze is never duplicated


The fate of all things

 It's just a toss of dice

So is an artist's ecstasy

 Into a kingdom of freedom

As with God at creation


  • dusk arising

    Did your god carefully create the spider which injects its eggs into a living insect so that it may suffer the agonies of being eaten alive. Did your god turn his back on the suffering of innocents over the centuries before and after the life of jesus.
    Why worship or hold in exaltation such a cruel god?

    Unless you were brainwashed into it as a small child.

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