Imaginative dreamer


As my mother, mother’s mother and so on

Diligent, day in and day out

Fire within their dry calloused hands

Swab and scour


What worth

A rather useful keeper

Make ready

Bearing fruit   

Young girls, now be attentive

You too shall adhere

Are you adequate?

Satisfactory perhaps?

What a fine helpmeet you will be

As they watch in judgment

I am not defined

I will embellish the outer lines with my colors

I will choose my course

My destiny

Thy devine decree

Never conformed

Love has no aspect


My spirit is free


Content in my skin

In ME, I am found


  • Roselyn

    i love this!! really embodies the acceptance of oneself and the beauty of woman.

    • Imaginative dreamer

      Thank you so much 🙏🏼 It feels really good to write my daughter turned me on to this site ✨ woman power 💖

    • Audax

      Thank you for sharing! I can truly feel the passion behind your words!

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