Depression is....

Depression is....

Depression is,

what was the word...

it's just on the tip of my tongue

but it wont seem to form.

where is the word,

somewhere floating in the emptiness

between my ears.

i cant seem to find the right word

perhaps left under the heavyness

inside my chest.

I just can't seem to ...remember.... remember!

remember the word

that is drowning

right behind the mournful eyes.

remember the word

that is often disguised

as stupidity.

remember the word

that has sucked the energy

right from my soul.

I can't seem to form full thoughts....

I can't seem to remember....

what was the word?



  • Neville

    it seems you just nailed it my friend... well penned


  • Fay Slimm.

    Thanks Melissa for a well written verse on depression - - expressed poetically it makes a compelling read.

  • Roselyn

    the word that is often so hard to say, but is felt the most deeply

  • MelissaJA

    Thanks everyone

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