Mind Made of Clay

Are you aware of the life cycle of a memory?

Memories turn from bright to faded and

from faded to bright

From everything to...something

Sometimes memories die


Why? Is it necessary for sanity?

Maybe some memories are only temporary

because they indelibly weave themselves into

the strands of your psyche


Could it be that the density of memory is in some way related to proximity?

When I reminisce on this instant in future

the image will differ

in accordance with my intervening perspectives of you

I wonder, when I have the choice, will I visit memory lane via satellite or street view?

I guess it doesn’t matter,

because it is true that if something is faded

it still sheds the same sum of light

Just in a different hue


Perhaps memory is what we want to see

But how can that be

when my memories are me

and I’m never the me that

I want to be


Maybe it isn’t that precise

Monet could turn blank canvas to rich detail

and that certainly makes an impression

But in climax of expression, could he even remember

the feelings of his original intention?


Maybe it can be that precise

If life is a wheel, then memory is clay

spinning, morphing, and slipping away

Soft enough for indentation...until ready for

the fire required to display desired representation!


I think I like that idea...

or at least I like half of it!

If the wheel keeps spinning

sketching notions I’ll stay

I’ll keep clear of the kiln

and be a mind made of clay

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