From me, a dyslexic poet

i’ve tried to write about my plight

of being a dyslexic poet


my words are wrong, my thoughts are too long

because i’m a dyslexic poet


i want to write, i long to write

but i’m a dyslexic poet


‘you can spell!’ you cry, and i reply, yes, thank goodness for spellcheck!

said me, the dyslexic poet


It’s been hard you see, getting thoughts into words, but i did if for you one day, and here i am, and my heads in a scram

because i’m a dyslexic poet


I’ve tried to make it good, i’ve tried to make it right, but what do i know about poetry? I screamed into the night.


i wish for a life more straightforward, a world with not quite so many words,

but then i smile and sigh and thank the stars in the sky

that i’m a dyslexic poet


And sometimes, just sometimes,

i feel sorry for those that can’t see the letters that float round my head, making long boring words into beautiful song

thanks to me, a dyslexic poet


and i hope that one day, your thoughts may stray, to me

your dyslexic poet.


think of me in my room staring up at the moon feeling thankful i know not to call it a noom

and sit, with a smile on your face, grateful, that in the whole human race, there are poets that are all kinds of shapes and sizes with big brains and small brains winning all sorts of prizes


and i’ll sit, staring up at my noom, thankful that i know you too.


yours truly,

a dyslexic poet.


  • Accidental Poet

    Nothing wrong with being a dyslexic poet. Dyslexic or not, you have the gift of words. Command them as you will.

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