Tock. Tick.

Tock. Tick.

You’re out of time

Slipping in the conduction of

another orchestrated descent into the pit

Synching in composition of

roof raised by the melody of memory

Tock. Tick.

You’re out of tune

Searching for the cadence of

echoes deeply discorded within waves

Seeking a consonance to

sound pleasant in present harmony

Tock. Tick.

You’re out of tone

Smiling back in concert with the

arrangement you know how to play

Singing a Capella in search

of sympathy for your symphony

I wonder if life would be more interesting if time was mime

What would your rhythm be if it didn’t know how to fit in?

Maybe we shouldn’t keep time at all

Tick. Tock.

You’re back in time


  • Gavin

    That is a thought provoking poem, Brimelow.

    I might be reading into it with my own perspective.

    I see it as an individual not fitting into the collective. So symphony is found by breaking free from being orchestrated.
    By no longer keeping time were not controlled by the past.

    Am I anywhere near to your intention?

    • Brimelow

      Not really, although I get where your coming from! That's the beauty of it all though isn't it, we all live through our own lense.

      I wrote this as an exploration of all those little moments in each day when one is lost in time. Those moments spent deep in thought about everything...and yet nothing. I sometimes wonder what life would be like if it consisted entirely of those moments, and I wrote this about those wanderings. Prefer speaking this one over reading it to be honest, it can be performed quite theatrically.

      Thank you for your comments.

    • yellowrose

      I like your style of writing ! Very engaging read 🙂 I liked your words and flow

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