You are the sacrifice 𓆗

Oh thou snake, hast crossed thy minds eye as a sacrifice

A spiritual one, in the other realm it be done

it is no will of the snakes

It's life is not at stake

It is up to the conduit who lays on the table

I am the conduit - the sacrifice so I call it

This is thy label

I am worthy, I am able

I undergo this transformation

I desire wisdom

I long to awaken

I focus on the snake

And take on it's vibration

As I sit still

This is thy will

So it be done

Physical sacrifice - there will be none. 


  • orchidee

    Someone said New Age teachings are Old Age teachings by now! Doh! I don't follow them - too spooky and strange.

    • CaitEva

      Yeah just old teachings mixed together. My issue with new age teachings is that there is too much bypassing within the community... Basically - "don't think negative and negative things won't happen" which is so damaging. To heal something within it has to be acknowledged, and if it weren't for "negative vibes" the moon wouldn't be able to influence the tide :)

      • orchidee

        Oh lol. Do you know that line from a 'Carry On' film, one of the 'Doctor' films, about a famous 'thinker' saying not to think negatively?!
        But to me, New Age thinks are spooky and can be dangerous, I think.

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      • dusk arising

        It seems the christian churches are demanding of one sacrifice. That you sacrifice your intelligent questioning mind and accept the stories and wisdom of the world when the churches insisted the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth.
        Fortunately such sacrifices can be reversed if the childhood infection of FEAR of god can be overcome.

        • CaitEva

          Absolutely. Growing up and going to a religious school myself, although I didn't care much for Catholicism or Christianity in general... I can say that it took some time unweaving the Christian fear programming. It is perfectly healthy to question things.

        • jarcher54

          Your experimenting with the complex imagery of the snake, sacrifice, transformation, and knowledge is thought-provoking. You bring to mind a multitude of themes, from the serpent in the garden, Aesop's fable of the serpent, to Indian snake charmers and modern snake healers. The final line is like the victory of reason and liberation from the shackles of dead traditions: "Physical sacrifice - there will be none."

          • CaitEva

            Snake imagery has been popping up in my awareness a lot recently, I felt inspired to write something snake themed :)

            Thanks for your comment!

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