Can you feel both cold and numb at one time?

Can you be falling apart but also feel fine?

Can you breath out fire and inhale snow?

Can you want to stay but also go?

Can your heart scream run but still hang on?

Can your head tune it out and push you along?

What I'll tell you my dear having lived this all

Life's about how you rise, not how you fall.






  • Bragee

    True message!
    Life is far more complex than simple decisions.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • jarcher54

    A simple but subtle little poem... your list of questions suggest it's very human and even acceptable to both flee and stay, crumble but survive... but you exhort us to CHOOSE one of the last pair of opposites: rise or fall. So maybe we can give in and both rise and fall, but the rise is the one that matters. Thanks for the reminder to be brave these days!

  • Audax

    A truly beautiful piece that you store here. I truly enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing!

    Please check out my poems when you have time. I would greatly appreciate it!

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