Ode To My Best Friend



To rocky starts and thirteenth chances

Sixteenth birthdays and high school dances

To playing guitar and planning a wedding for our cars

To every song that made us scream out our hearts

To every word written on those papers we put into jars

You gave me 100 reasons to love you and 200 more to love myself

We built a sisterhood inside our toilet paper fort on the grocery store shelf

You picked me back up for every time I fell

Patched up my heart when some dumb boy put me through hell

You clean me all up and make me feel better



Although we didn’t always work well together

I know every fight, every quarrel, every silence

It was put into perspective with a little bit of guidance

This is for every quote, every lyric, every word we’ve ever spoken

Our vow of loyalty that’s real hard to be broken

I cherish your love in every swig drink, every hug, every errand you run

There’s never a dull moment, not one



This is for every night we’ll spend with the windows rolled down

The wind in our faces and the music up way too loud

FaceTime calls until 4 in the morning

Or falling asleep to the sound of us snoring

Waking up to Spongebob

Or calling you wayyyy early in the morning



To Amish mothers and Fortnite addicted fathers

Annoying sisters and Ferris Bueller brothers

To bleach on your chicken and piña colada’s

To every look someone gave us from the first moment they saw us

To “bench” eating disorders and never being fat for Saturday 



To every single day

This is to loving it

This is to screwing up shit

This is to not knowing what the hell we’re doing

And loving every minute


  • Goldfinch60

    There is nothing so special as that best friend who is always there for you no matter what is happening.
    Very good tribute to your friend Evergreen.


    • Evergreen

      Couldn’t agree more, thank you!

    • peto

      An evergreen friendship
      You succeeded in letting them know

      • Evergreen

        Evergreen is a fantastic way of putting it, yes.

      • dusk arising

        What a wonderful insight into besties within the sisterhood. Superb writing.

      • scarlet poet

        Thank you so much for this. I am honored to be your best friend and I’m thankful we could make it here. I love you so much and you’ll never understand how much. Keep your head up and know I’m always here for you. Love ya

        • Evergreen

          Always. Love you too.

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