Kurt Philip Behm

Gale Warning (+1)

Name dropping success…

a first name basis with failure


Hope into the wind,

 heartache on the approaching storm


(Villanova Pennsylvania: June, 2020)



Past That Place


If words were notes upon a score,

would the melody play beyond…


Each phrase a chord, each line a hymn,

each paragraph a song


If words could sing harmonic,

as their letters drift away


Would music take you past that place

—words now force you to stay


(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2017)


  • Laura


    • “Gale Warning”
    A very interesting poem;
    chock-full of interpretations.

    • “Past That Place”
    Music transcends all boundaries.

    I did enjoyed these two poems. Thank you for sharing.

    Laura 🌻

  • Kurt Philip Behm

    My pleasure!

    • Laura

      I was so glad to see and
      read your poems today🤗

      Take care.

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