I freaked out, hysterically


Craving sleep with sweaty palms

And thinking death things

The day had went quite well

But then I reversed into Hell

I can't tell what's going on

The flow had stopped

I can't take my mind off it

God damn it, it's been a hot minute

I want to be my old self again

I'm trying to find a new perspective

By the red statue, a week later                                                                                                 

I feel great then I feel shit                                                                                                     

By the fancy row of houses I walked                                                                               

Got lost in some neighbourhood                                                                                   

Trying to find a new perspective 


After midnight it's easier to smile

Like nothing bad has happened

But that doesn't mean the smile is earnest

The thoughts are still there in my head

Like unwanted guests shouting

I can't wait 'til it's morning

My mother's words have long digested                                                                               

I get it, I get it                                                                                                                   

I want to be my old self again                                                             

I'm trying to find a new perspective.



  • jarcher54

    What's going on in our heads can be more debilitating than our physical state, more painful than a wound, more disheartening than an illness, more difficult to overcome than cold, hunger, or unemployment. You nailed it: it's those unwanted guests shouting in there.

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