Sleepless Nights

I'm learning in the fight

That all the ugliest parts of life

Come with a small prize

For each of my sleepless nights

Ends with a free sunrise



  • jarcher54

    Many of us are experiencing sleepless nights. Thanks for reminding us of the small blessing of the new day... even if we badly need a nap later. I will make a point of appreciating tomorrow's sunrise and will keep your father and the all others who have become sick in my thoughts as the sun comes up over my neighbor's pecan trees.

    • SheWasTheSun

      Thank you for your beautiful comment, it made me smile!

      • jarcher54

        I have just been reading a few of your poems... I pick things somewhat randomly, maybe based on the title or other instinct... I enjoy the clarity and smoothness of your poems, and their deep sincerity. Art must be brave, and sincerity requires courage.

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      • dusk arising

        The sunrise is, in my personal estimation, the finest of gifts for it means we are another day alive on this planet.
        Deepest sympathy and empathy with you in this time of fear for your loved one. May all those near and dear to you enjoy many more dawning of the days ahead once these troubled times are behind us.
        Stay safe, be strong.

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