you had me

You had me

When your ship took on water

And you let it fill your lungs

I would breathe for you

Accept the burn from the salt

In the wounds you created

When you clawed your way

To the surface

Using me

As your life saving device.


You had me

When the rocks were thrown at you

Shattering the weak walls built around you

Breaking you down

I would stand there in front of you

Taking on the impact willingly

Shielding your sensitive feelings

Then feeling the pain

From the rocks you threw back

Without caring that I was standing

Right in your line of fire.


You had me

When your hand reached out

And touched live wires

Sending shocking pain right into your heart

You refused to pull away and so

I held your hand so you would not bear it alone

You took those wires and placed them

Directly in my hands

So I was the one taking on all of the shock and pain

That was your anger and misery

And you watched me struggle to take it

As my heart began to jump

And sprint full force

Into panic and chaos

You had the nerve to walk away

And tell me it was my fault

For touching those wires in the first place.


And maybe you were right.

You had me…

But the instant it became too much to handle

You hopped onto a new ship

And I started to drown

Because your rocks held me down while the ship we built kept sinking

Those live wires now held by me alone

Sending shock waves through the salt water that I drown in

Choking me slowly

And I cry

For someone who had all of me

But gave me only pain in return.

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