Poetic Rhyme

Gathering House

Don't worry child, there's nothing,
to be scared of.
Hold my hand I will show you the,
magic of Alice and wonderland.
Down the rabbit "hole, jump" in child,
we will both go.

Come little children I will make all,
your dreams come true.
Trust in me follow the stairs to the,
second floor where wild flowers bloom.

I will take you away from rules there,
will be no more told what to do.
Bobbin for apples is your first treat,
under the stairs in the hidden room.

The stairs creek a "little, but" it's ok,
they like to play too.
Welcome to the magical house,
with demonic doorways in every room.

The furniture is made of bones and teeth,
as screws.
If the "chair, grabs" you don't get scared,
they like to play too.

Gathering house a legend a myth,
a house of children's souls.
Tricked into trusting lady Athena the,
witch that gathers little one's soul.

Some say you can hear the children,
running up and down the stairs.
Children singing come little children,
is what children dream.

Reports of children go missing everyday,
vanished without a trace.
Is it possible that the gathering house,
is still collecting our children souls.

They play in torment a house of hell,
made from innocence.
Sinless purity captured in a demonic,
play house lost in the rabbit hole.

Candy81 ©  Candra Creviston   


  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    A haunting poem that begins with the Alice in wonderland theme, then neverland but then takes a Halloweenish to horror story plot. Is this a true story where children go missing in some haunted house?? Kudos for the poem, enchanting.

    Plz pleez do read and comment my newest poem too.

    • Poetic Rhyme

      It is not written on a true story no and thank you very much

    • Neville

      really frightening and frighteningly real .. enjoyed regardless..

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