What I Would Like Heaven To Be Like

No one knows for sure,
how exactly Heaven will look.
All we have are bits and pieces,
from the Bible that we took.
As for the rest,
all of it,
is pure speculation.
So this is what,
I want it to be like,
in my imagination.
I already know,
that it will be,
a place full of peace,
and that I will have a mansion,
built just for me.
Still, I hope that my bedroom,
will have a balcony,
overlooking a lake,
with a dock made out,
of beautiful oak wood,
and a boat for me to take.
I hope I will have,
a beautiful garden,
with acres,
of orchards and grapes,
and all my loved ones,
would come over,
almost everyday.
All year around,
some plants,
will always continue to grow.
The climate will have winter,
give a beautiful blanket of snow.
The summer air,
will smell so fresh,
with barely a cloud in the sky.
In fall the trees leaves,
will turn different colors,
without even having to die,
and I can't even imagine,
what spring would be like.
The list goes on and on.
I know what Heaven will be,
but I do not know in whole,
So this piece is really,
just for me.

This Poem is a BLANK VERSE SONNET. Brian & Angela
JESUS ~ Who lived there ~ SAID *In Heaven there
Are many ABODES ~ Im going back there
To prepare a PLACE thats made ~ just for YOU !*
This implies we*ll be INDIVIDUALS ~ AMEN !
Climate just like EARTH with Seasons & Trees !
Did GOD create EARTH to be like HEAVEN ?
DOVE emphasises LOVE and emotions
Warmth when cold & the Presence of JESUS
DOVE sees us as ANGELS with influence
To ameliorate the Planet Earth !
WE agree with both ZION & DOVE ~ WE
Believe we will be INDIVIDUALS
With feelings & will meet Loved Ones again ~ AMEN
This is a great SUBJECT with some good POEMS
Dont just read it ~ add a POEM of your OWN !

As I look forward toward Heaven,
I am not sure what I'll find,
but I know that I will see fully,
because right now,
I am partially blind.
I see alot now,
but I will see more,
as I walk through the gates,
and onto Heavens floor.
Like a glorious kingdom,
There will be buildings,
and real estate of some sort.
I can only imagine,
beautiful skylines and birds.
I do not know for sure.
It does not truely matter,
because I know it will all be perfect.
It will have a ruler,
that we will all praise:
one who is flawless.

HEAVEN*S not in the Physical Dimension
The Physical Universe in which we live.
This is the emphasis of my second Ode
In this Celestial Sextet. It explains some
Of the points Zion & Dove (Heavenly Names !)
Have made in their second Poem ! There will be
NO Sin NO corruption NO Politics NO Change
It will be controlled by the GODHEAD ~ FATHER
ZION acknowledges everything will be
Crystal Clear & Perfect - The Buidings & Birds
No Darkness - Death or Decay ~ just PERFECTION
DOVE acknowledges the infinite BEAUTY
Of HEAVEN enhanced by Birds & Butterflies
PARADISE filled with Love Happiness & Family
SMOKEY CAT will be there. HEAVEN must have CATS !
And Wonder of Wonders People we did nor
Expect to be there ~ Sinners saved by GODS GRACE
This HEAVENLY SEXTET is now complete and will be posted in the OPEN. Please add a comment ~ or another Poem if you wish ~ GOD BLESS
Zion ~ Dove ~ Angela & Brian ~ AMEN q

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