Eleni Ioannou

A short story...

"A short story..." 


Kafka passed through here
along with Foucault. 
They talked about madness and irrationality.
Then everyone took the opposite path.
Before them, Nietzsche and Albert were here.
Speaking of the death of God
sudenly ... they died!
A complex alloy of alloys
Jung would be agree
and Freud, irrevocably, would disagree.

Main characters:


Franz Kafka

Michel Paul Foucault

Friedrich Nietzsche

Albert Einstein

Carl Gustav Jung

Sigmund Freud


Guest star: God






"Μία σύντομη ιστορία..." 


Ο Κάφκα πέρασε απ' εδώ παρέα με τον Φουκώ.

Μίλησαν για τρέλα και παραλογισμό.

Έπειτα ο καθένας πήρε αντίθετο δρόμο.

Πριν, ήταν εδώ, ο Νίτσε και ο Άλμπερτ.

Μιλώντας για τον θάνατο του Θεού

αψυχολόγητα... πέθαναν!

Σύμπλεγμα ετερόκλητου κράματος ατόμων

θα έλεγε ορθά, ο Γιουνγκ

και ο Φρόιντ, αμετάκλητα, θα διαφωνούσε.



Κύριοι χαρακτήρες:


Φραντς Κάφκα

Mισέλ Φουκώ

Φρίντριχ Νίτσε

Άλμπερτ Άινστάιν

Κάρλ Γιουνκγ

Σίγκμουντ Φρόυντ  


Επίτημος καλεσμένος: Θεός









    KALIMERA ~ ELENI ~ YASOO FROM MPS ! EFHARISTO For your first Story ! We are a Young Husband & Wife team who share this site. A very intersting plethora of Philosophers (all alas now deceased) and all with conflicting Philosophies. Kafka ~ Foucault ~ Nietzsche ~ Einstein ~ Jung & Freud. All alas now Dead ~ but GOD (There is only on God !) is Eternal and will have the last WORD when all the Philosophers & their Philosophies *Are Dead & been forgotten like the rest !* Thanks for posting in your original GREEK (lovely written & spoken language) and for providing an English Translation ! We love GREECE & HER ISLANDS ~ her History ~ her Country ~ the People ~ the Cuisine ~ the Wine & the Ouzo etc etc ! We hope all restrictions on travel - due to Covid 19 - will soon be lifted !
    MPS is an interesting & proactive site. It operates by reading & commenting on each others Poems & Stories ~ OK Please check our site ~ THANKS A & B !

    Love - Peace & Joy to You.
    Angela & Brian 💛💛💛 .

    • Eleni Ioannou

      Thanks for the welcome.
      Here, in Greece, everything is very safe in terms of covid-19
      We are waiting for all of you.
      But safety and health are paramount.
      Stay healthy!

      Love ___Elena

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