Alex Arnot



Welcome to the house of mirrors

Take a look around

Look at all the funny faces

Warping smiles, twisting frowns.

See yourself in many shapes there

As you laugh and cry

Distracted by obscene reflections

Ignoring what they hide.



All around you

They can see



They surround you

Disguising the freak.


Walking through a maze of glass

You swear you hear them speak

Distorted voices revealing secrets

You question what you believe.

Things that only you could know

And keep buried deep within.

Every dark, subconscious secret

Every little sin


The nightmare only getting worse

As you start to lose your mind.

A horrid scream as one jumps out

And pulls you right inside.



All around you

They can breathe



They have found you

You reside with the freaks.

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