Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful eyes, why are they looking at you?

to see your beauty before love's living truth,

in a liquid pool of smile the reflection drew

Your glancing eyes, more sensory worth


Evidence tapping on the windows of the soul

Vision break into thoughts of emotional cues.

Eyebrows, looking up engages the world,

hidden from views, they post the latest news.


Eyes are the mimics mirrors of someone

every movement repair builds a rapport.

Difficult to mimic those who are genuine,

they stand transparent in love living proof.


longer glares, imagination, is a notice scare

Feel narcissism creepy force examine,

Unwrap power down to your underwear

Blood thickens deeper than scores imagine.


Indigo dye, combination surgery captivating

Expressive and enviable, closely resemble

People of every decent a phenomenon enticing

Appearance is visages of blue, brown, or hazel.


Believe me, the undulated desire of the soul

craves the hunger for having intimate grace,

In sensual waves, eyes have complete control.

Where virility strokes the feminine taste.


Beautiful eyes, the desire accentuate you

they see through sunset on special days,

moon and stars, and the silhouette hue

ride the clouds in delightful persuasive ways.


In the shadows, we wilt shyly with broken pride

If only you could see the pain beyond the tears

We are drawn, to the cooling stream pinning inside

broken dreams, the hurt esteem, passing fears.

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