I don't understand

How our dreams get buried in the sand

Or how our unseen machine routines

Day in day out

Stick us in a social drought

Human interaction

Should happen

Instead it's barely a fraction

Of our daily action


Take a stand, gain some traction

Be that stonewall

 --Thomas J Jackson--

Fasten up become your life's captain

Take control

 --All Pro madden--

Be brave jump the canyon

Follow your life's passion

Trust me it'll happen

Just stay off the bandwagon


It is time to take action

Don't correspond

Lead a life beyond-

-Beyond the norms

And reforms of society

Live your life properly

Don't be treated like property

It's a governmental robbery

Meant to leave you in poverty

I hate to tell you but

You'll never win the lottery


Its nothing but a mockery

Meant to distract you from

The improperly, disorderly

Entirely bribery

Dirty and unworthy

People we call leaders

They are more like breeders

Watching from the bleachers

Viewing us like creatures


It’s time to be teachers

It’s time to be speakers

It’s time to be dreamers

We can change the world

be a truth seeker




    Good Evening FRIEND ~ BRIAN here ~ Welcome to MPS ~ It is a proactive site which operates by reading & commenting on each others Poems ~ OK Thanks for your first Poem. A wonderful comment on how SOCIETY has all become ZOMBIES bowed down by Bureaucracy & cowed by COVID 19 ! Your last verse send a rescue call to all Teachers - Speakers - Dreamers - World Changers & Truth Seekers to work together and take action and follow our LIFES PASSION ~ AMEN ! Thnaks for caring & sharing ~ nore poems PLEASE. Please visit our site THANKS A & B !

    Peace & Joy & Love
    Yours Brian & Angela !

    • Lutalican

      Thank you for you comment and reading my poem!!! I appreciate your time. I will be sure to check out your profile and spread the love.


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