Ruin my life



Ruin my life

Ruin my life like you said you would

Shatter my perfect picture frame

Turn my world upset down if you could


Screw it all up

Screw everything up like you promise you do

Paint my sunset black and white

Fuck me over, make me not love you


Make tears moisten my cheeks

Make tears drip from my eyes

Crack my stupid smile

Fill my head with beautiful lies


Hold my hand

Hold my hand so tight that it hurts

It hurts when you hold on, it hurts when you let go

You let go first


Sing to me

Sing to me in the car again

Sing and make me feel so in love with you that it burns

Then tell me you only see me as a friend


Ruin my life

Ruin my life like you said you would

Ruin it so bad that I’ll never recover

Ruin me

Fuck. Me. Over.


Just ruin my life

You promised you would


  • scarlet poet

    Thank you for sharing. I’m sure that is very hard for you, but I promise people are always gonna be there to help. Very well said, giving a deep and understandable meaning!

    • Evergreen

      Thank you for reading

    • GON

      love the imagery, hope you're taking it easy

      • Evergreen

        Thank you, I’m doing great : )

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