On the Hunt for Bliss

I can’t remember what it’s like to be happy

These days it’s just simple distractions

So often I wonder


Is it the same feeling of when you’re laying in bed fighting your sleep waiting for your mom to come home from a long day of work

And once you hear her voice as your drifting off, you’re heart feels at peace now that you know you can go to sleep


Does happiness feel like the warmth of the sun and the smell of freshly cut grass

Is happiness knowing you’re on the right path?

Does it feel the same as when you’re looking someone in the eyes and they’re not afraid to look back


Is happiness the same feeling as being at peace with vulnerability?

Is it found in a place where you never want to leave? With someone who makes you feel as free as an ocean breeze


Is happiness the same as when you play with the neighbors all day, lose track of time and all together you watch the sun unwind

Does happiness exist in the beautiful words and soon to be broken promises we exchange before bed


Once I was told happiness only exists in innocence

We live a life full of pain with no one to blame but the good out weighs the bad so soon enough you won’t remember what it’s like to be sad.


But sometimes I wonder is happiness found in being content with knowing happiness is a short time commitment

So tell me then,

Does happiness only grow in quantities never sufficient?


  • dusk arising

    Or does happiness arrive as a result of a lot of different happenings, each one harbouring complacency which will dull the happiness into contentment.
    Unhappiness on the other hand.... well thats another story.

    Enjoyed reading your thought provoking piece today.

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