A passing lyric

A letter from Anxiety

Dear broken girl,

who can not run from me 

you live in my world now 

and this is my decree.

You will always answer

whenever I call

I want those front row tickets,

the best seats to watch you fall.

Remember you're not smart 

you're a burdon to everyone 

don't forget at that party 

you can't be having fun 

I won't allow you to be normal 

it simply isn't done 

and don't start with your protests 

a fight with me just can't be won.

They are all laughing at you 

they think you're a joke

cancel that appointment 

just get in the tub and soak.

No one cares about you 

your problems are dumb and small 

no one listens to what you say

no one at all.

So feed me all your worries 

and feel the weight of me 

for I am your only friend

sincerely yours,





  • orchidee

    With friends like that, who needs enemies? as they say.
    Anxiety - a friend not worth knowing, a waste of space really. Anxiety I mean, not you!

    • A passing lyric

      Thank you! A friendship we all experience and a friendship Iā€™m working hard on breaking. šŸ˜Š

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