Jo March

The Wave


Today the bubble-crested wave returned 

Washing ashore to cover me from head to feet

Came to flash its salty scales sunburned

Or leave its watermark on fever-hot concrete 


The sheepskin foam has crinkled soft and low

Crushing salt crystals in sweet taffy warmth 

I see the sun from gold-capped hills rise slow

And darkling sit on auburn pebbles in my mirth 


Looking for my childhood pink-bubble balloon

To glimpse it peeking from behind the clouds 

To watch it roll on sand beneath the leaden moon

And write down my blue dreams on its smooth shroud


Longing to blend with the quiet lonesome wave 

Longing to sink my feet in reddish sand

Aching to stop time’s flow in glass concave

Or join hands with friends at journey’s end   


I want to enjoy the sunlight cherry-warm

To watch my ghost return from moonlight haunts

I want to sit and wait for my life’s page to turn 

To chase my shadow beside run-down restaurants


I want to buy my lottery ticket unafraid to lose

Ready to bet on chance and pitch my winnings 

I long to sit outside and listen to the blues

Or wait for dreams to start at life’s beginnings


Today the bubbling wave returned 

It washed me over in its pickled splendor

Promising dreams intense, untamed, unformed 

I hold my breath… delighted I surrender 






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