Well I know 

Mighty low

Is the blow 

They will throw 

Every time i climb back on my feet 

Forming queues 

Dropping clues 

I should choose 

Ancient views 

And forget all i gleamed from the street 

Every fake 

Tries to make 

Me the break 

They can take 

To the halls of the righteous elite 

They begin 

Fitting in

When the sin

Deep within 

Leaves a smell they can taste on thier sheet 

Save the prayer 

You prepare 

In your lair 


I would rather walk blindly than cheat 

Never brave 

Nor a slave 

I will crave

For the grave 

When my exploits are much more discreet 



  • Poetic Rhyme

    Very well written also well to the point you're not budging on your beliefs. Challenge your beliefs you never know what you may see.

    • peto

      Thank you very much for looking in and comment rhymer
      I appreciate it
      I've seen quite a bit in my time regarding beliefs
      I've no doubt religion brings many hope
      And each to thier own
      For me
      It's more trouble than it's worth
      Thanks again

    • Audax

      Truly enjoyed reading this piece! Keep writing and don’t stop! Please check out my poems!

      • peto

        Thanks Audax
        I'll do that today
        Truly appreciate the read

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