The Sea

On a mountain, enveloped in peace

A cool breeze ran through the grass

A bee buzzed by, the leaves began to dance

The river bellow, reflected the sun like glass


On top of the world, up so high

Everything around, was candy for the eye

Surrounded by trees, feeling so free


Clouds close enough, to stretch and reach

A view of what only birds could see

The world so striking from upon that peak


It was there when she first sang to me

a distant whisper carried by the wind

It drew my attention when I heard her speak


Her voice slithered into my ear

wrapped around my mind

swirled within my thoughts

and tingled down my spine


In awe of her presence I could not part

It flowed through my veins

and crashed into my heart

It set me adrift but left with it an art

in which calmness did impart

In a life with a soul ready to depart

her beauty gave my spirit a restart


The sea, she was beckoning to me

So to her I flea’d for a fresh start

the crash of her waves, a siren’s song

lead me to where I belonged


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