Kevin Michael Bloor

Me & My Best Friend, Steve Sorrow.

When the love I lost had left me by that savage, sapphire sea.
And the turning tides had told me that no longer she loved me.

I went working, for the season, with Steve Sorrow: my best friend.
For I knew, that love and loving, had for me, now reached an end.

As we sat in Jenk's bar drinking juicy jars of merry mirth.
I told Sorrow, that for me, there is no woman left on earth.

We were working, both as key men, for Joe Coral, on the Mile.
(Blackpool's empty, fake Arcadia, soulless stretch of gold so vile.)

It was summer, but the breezes all blew bitter down the pier.
Then I said to my friend, Sorrow: what the hell we doing here?


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