Harmony of Souls

Harmony of Souls - Part 1


Her silent signals

like the waving arms of a tour guide

recognizable, but hopelessly overlooked

tried to guide him

but their Doppler romance

roared past his stationary heart

as he stood there, mute.


He was a lost and wandering troubadour

that had traveled sunward 

and found his haven at her door.

When did things begin to fade?

Was it that madness on the trolley

when he told her of his convict past

and her rebuke became deafening?


Thereafter, they were like two ships 

sinking in the night. 

He had trusted that she wasn't like the others

long ago (or was it yesterday?)

who were hopelessly phobic waifs

ill equipped to choose between 

the hotbed and the hot seat

and she had deemed him too dangerous to hold.


She was right, and so was he.

There was danger alive in her eyes 

from seeing things not as they were.

Yet she was decidedly different 

from his long ago lover 

whose affection for him turned cold

and sent him, screaming from their abode

to where he ended up behind bars.


In a homeless-village raid

he was caught with nefarious pocket money.

Yet, he thought she would understand

that he’s not that kind of man.

He was down and drunk and destitute

His broken heart was blinding him.

It was the kind of mistake 

that a young man could make.

“What’s that?”  he said. You’re going away?

You want no life with an ex-con?

“How could you be that wrong?”

Before he had sung that trolley song

she had said she felt something... deep inside

that he was someone, in whom she might confide

but then he told her what he felt he must

that he had a past that might breach her trust.


He was being honest with her

She should be the same with him

Tell him from her heart 

What’s it going to be?

With tears in her eyes and a quivering lip

she said the words that ended their relationship

“I’m going back home to Boston.”


And there was nothing left to say.



  • Neville

    this is one of those rare epic prose poems Phil that tells the whole story, without any unnecessary or distracting frills.. but tells it straight while firing from the hip and hitting the spot .. not only that, dunno whether you may have already noticed, but there is a certain theme & ultimate conclusion that both your 'Harmony of Souls - Part 1' and my own 'Two Weeks in July' seem to share.... anyway, stay both safe n well my friend...


  • Fay Slimm.

    Romance always has its ups and downs Phil and your story in this part delivers a sad finalé but maybe part two will see those souls back in harmony again and not like "two ships sinking in the night" - - - looking forward to tomorrow's posting.

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