Hallowed Aspirations

Notice of absence from Audax
Hey y’all, I’ll be taking a break from writing and going away for a while to focus on other things at the moment. Stay blessed, spend time with your loved ones, and continue expressing your creativity! I’ll be back in due time to publish more of my work and to read some more of your’s. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year’s to all of you! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay strong! Take care!

I once dreamt of midnight,

Beneath the radiance of moonlight,

Asking for a kindred spirit,

To unravel every secret,

Tapping into my solemn shadow,

That revels in a tamed ammo,

Throughout these lost streets,

Pulsing from my heart’s elated beats,

Knowing that hours might fade,

When salvation begins to cascade,

Beyond these clouds of fire,

From which time seeks to desire,

Of a morning that speaks,

Within a sun that peaks,

For sincerity breathes of love,

Changing the winds above,

Where pain learns to forget,

While forgiveness cleanses regret,

As hope surges like electricity,

Taking off in sweet simplicity.


  • M.E.M.

    “When salvation beings to cascade,” I love that line. I also liked the build up. I don’t know if that’s how it was supposed to be read, but I just kept reading each line fast and fast. That’s is a really good last line

    • Audax

      Actually, it is supposed to be read like that! Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read my work!

    • jarcher54

      You are right, nothing is more sincere than love. And nothing cleanses us of regrets more than forgiveness, which comes only from love. This is surprisingly hopeful for you! You can worry all night, feels pangs of heartbreak, fear, guilt, or jealousy, ache in your joints or back or brain, wander the night aimlessly and without hope. Then morning breaks and salvation cascades... as Dylan sang:

      So happy just to be alive
      Underneath the sky of blue
      On this new morning, new morning
      On this new morning with you

      • Audax

        Thank you so much for your comment! You truly understand the theme and message that this poem was designed to convey!

      • MelissaJA

        Beautifully written, almost like a song

        • Audax

          Thank you! I’m not much of a singer, but glad to know that my work does bring a musical field!

        • scarlet poet

          This is so inspirational. Reading your writing more and more is helping me see how much talent you have! Truly amazing!

          • Audax

            I’m glad to know that you find this poem inspirational! Your words are truly appreciated. Never stop writing and always strive to make your emotions felt!

          • dusk arising

            Oh to find that kindred spirit..... life would be poetry itself.

            • Audax

              Dusk Arising, why not write a poem about how life would be like poetry itself?! After all, the world would love to read how that would be like. You ha e the talent and creativity to do so. So just do it!

              Truly appreciate your wise words!

            • sylviasearcher

              It is a beautiful poem 🤗

              • Audax

                Thank you so much! Appreciate it! 🙏

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