Harmony of Souls

Harmony of Souls - Part 2


Countless attacks can abrade

a life behind a barricade.

To what extent can an open heart survive

when it’s siphoning life from a bottle of Muscatel?

He was roaming from dive to dive

playing, singing and hoping the words came out well.

He was doing all right, until one night...

Someone requested “Unchained Melody.”


As he sang the words tears filled his eyes

His heartbeat climbed, as once more he heard her “Goodbye.”

His arm was on fire with passionate heat 

and as he reached for a high note, nearly complete

his ears rang out with her word...“Ex-con!”

When he awoke he was in a hospital bed..

He asked, “ What happened? What was wrong?”

The people in white said he was, “Nearly dead.”


But they brought him back and he was alive

Said he needed to change if he wanted to survive

They had put in a stent

but with rest and rehab he could be out in a week.

After that, six more weeks of P.T.

and a visit to a doc from cardiology.

He changed his diet and exercised.

Worked on his music and felt energized.


Four months later he was back in the pubs

singing and, now and then, adding a blend

of original songs, until, once again… 

someone asked for “Unchained Melody”

After a few runs, tears filled his eyes

but he had no problem hitting the highs.

Though at that moment, his inner soul was talking 

and it was telling him that he was missing her.


After a night of barely any sleep

He knew that his feelings ran deep

He packed his things. Paid up the rent

Cancelled his gigs and flew to find her

At least that was his intent.

but in Boston, and with no idea where she lived

he had to figure out a way to find her.

He thought he could do that through her work


Since she was a librarian where else would she be

but The Boston Public Library?

They had never heard of her.

but they did the research and found that she worked.

at the North End branch, and there, he saw her with a customer.

When she saw him she nearly fainted.

They met up when she finished, and he said he missed her.

She smiled, and said she had missed him too.


They had dinner that evening at a small Italian restaurant.

They talked about life and what they really want.

She said she no longer cared about the past, only the now, and the future

As she was speaking, he said, “I love you.”

And she said she loved him, no matter what.

He said,” But first there is something you must know.”

and she appeared shocked, and blurted “ Oh no.”

He laughed and told her about his heart attack.


After dinner they discussed California and heading back. 

She said she would and invited him home.



  • Neville

    this epic tale has just about everything .. life .. love and medical expenses .... am glad I eventually got here Phil ....

    ... Neville

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