Dear Magpies


Dear Magpies
I wonder did you see me
This morning
As I drew an x in blood
Where the knife should follow
It wasn’t a reassuring sound
Your cacophony outside
More like encouragement
Do or die?

I frown upon the awoken dawn,
As these creatures wring out their hearts.
Like tribal drums to the beat of the sun,
We move within their rhythm and plight -
To death must man move, and I shall follow suit;
Alike no other star, or bird in the triumphant sky,
My own beat slows, well, to each their own,
So what'll it be; live or survive?
But, little thieves, just where were you last night?

Bone picking scavengers fill a black soul,
Alcohol rummages through a black hole,
A black heart is undying without the assemblage of cracked yellowed skulls,
The black centipede burrows deep unto catacombs,
The maggot pie sits in virtue to be adorned.

Blood drives from my hands from those I call wicked.
I wipe the blood upon my face like a brush. it was art it’s not a new style I just switched it.
I left my old world to come back to singing birds of death.
The song so beautiful from the Vultures, crows, magpies, and all the rest.
Almost 3 years have passed my eyes open to a world of corruption.
I Saw it so clear murder I wrote I had to do something.


  • asrealastheycome

    I feel the reaper deepen, creeping, seeping into every vein and artery
    Starting this feeling that’s always been a part of me
    Peacefully realizing life and death exist in harmony
    Now when it fades to black, and my life flashes back
    Scared is an emotion I will simply lack
    Cuz once again, my energy pleasantly will fertilize this earth
    Allowing my soul to re materialize itself to place in the universe fulfilling a greater worth

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