Incompetence plagues humanity,


half empty " I'm sorrys " disharmonize the flow of prosperity,


home is where the sheltered savage, attempts to conquer,


with black and white, gray compliments what's in between,


the fed up sun radiates hostility, as the clouds cry down.


we feel the air is conflicted, unaware that the turbulence exerts from within.


find solace.


Inside-out, not outside-in.



  • orchidee

    A fine write River. I agree, it's not the 'ouward' society that needs changing, but it's our 'inward' self.
    I can only see a spirtual way through, and what I mention in some of my hymn-poems - themes of salvation, redemption, etc.

    • RiverJordan

      Thanks for the read O, indeed..sometimes we need to self reflect inorder to innerstand the outer occurences

      • orchidee

        Not heard of 'innerstand'! Good word there. Meant on purpose, or a typo?!

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      • TWENTY3

        an absolute gem which was a delight to discover

        • RiverJordan

          Salute, appreciate the digital love.

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