Beyond (revised)


Beyond the sky, all the way

to where together becomes one

and pleasures are outdone

by fascinations.

No clothes nor masks

were worn to cover bodies and faces

when her shining eyes

became his steady star

warmed by skin to skin sensations.


But, beyond that sky of satin sheets

and pillows of community

he cried of loneliness

and begged for love-words, written.

Yet, his inner voice sighed

when, by virtue of her lies

his star fell from her sky

dropping sadly, in on him.


Beyond all this darkness

an eastern light transcended his fallen star.

Enlightenment followed

lifting his consciousness

and filling his heart with acceptance

of things the way they are.

Peace became his smile

and words flowed like laughter

from the lips of his voice within.


Beyond the window of his singular world

waiting in the folds of un-stretched time

slings of bygone fortune and arrows of love aligned.

That universal moment of blinding light

combined with two hearts primed

set off a domino chain;

broke loose his past, uncertain mind

freed his lips and naked eyes

and propelled this unveiled star to shine

within the blue-serene of his future sky.



  • Neville

    This is so well crafted.. there is a certain familiarity about it..

    However, I would be selling you short my friend, if I said I distinctly recall visiting the first version ...

    Maybe that is where my compliment should stem from ..

    in fact, I am now certain, because I can not see, or imagine how something with so many lines I wish I had first written.. might be bettered...

    and now, I only have your word for this...

    Nice one.. or two that is :)


    • MendedFences27

      Thank you. We all work at improving our craft. Sometimes I write what I think Is a complete piece, only to find later (weeks, months, years) that it needs to be revised. Such is this one, I wrote the original years ago (7-8 years).Recently, in perusing my poems I knew I had to revise it.Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

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