A band donned... Around ring finger of left hand

Yes folks (meaning,

whomever espies these lines) alas and alack

I attest thy spouse located future heirloom -
while tentatively asleep in her bivouac

though far less likely,


(yet near more rewarding)

than finding bullet in gunnysack

and/or locating needle in haystack

constitutes the missus
(thru... worm my going with fluke...?)

She discovered logical whereabouts

concerning whaddya believe

simple 14 carat (ha - just kidding)

no custom made

tooled bejeweled purchased,

but symbol of marriage

originally acquired as prize
within box of crackerjack

and treated as goodluck

which find accompanied with
wife merrily drumming upon me buttucks

an old chestnut nursery rhyme named
knick knack paddy whack.


Emotional moment found

yours truly uttering yippee

while straddled upon rushing limb boughs

verbally punctuated courtesy warranty

said treasured ring kept guarded

by hand sum vigilant trustee

kissing me darling dumpling


as adequate reciprocity

suddenly husband experienced himself
as figurative payee

delivered out his
(mine) emotional melee

courtesy lucky find
more precious than fine spun gold.


Now bonafide marriage signifies
stronger invisible bond,

whereby Western Culture accepts
how wedding band doth correspond

unlikely once philandering quirky poet


will draw attraction, anyway
cuz insinuations he won't respond,

nor at this matrimonial juncture
(approximately two dozen plus years)
will one bard arse troubadour abscond.


How great if woebegone
misfortune could abate

such as obsessive compulsive

mailer daemons that create

psychological distress and chronic depression


whereby suicidal ideations will elevate

impossible mission to oust melancholy

against psyche doth grate,

though chatting (over telephone)


with eldest sister,
who lives within Woodbury, New Jersey

can figuratively illustrate

how solitary existence

encompassing isolated kalifate

only breeds despair within,

emotionally remote bailiwick
therein still stews

emotionally unbridled wordsmith

whose entire being does marinate.



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