I Am Human, Not Perfect

Treated like a ghost,

Wandering coast to coast,

Simply pushed away,

But waking up to say,

That perfection is a flaw,

From which compassion never saw,

As I drown in a sea of fire,

Hoping for my one desire,

To be lend a hand,

So that I can walk back on land,

Stepping further from the dark,

In order to ignite the spark,

Of a youthful rain,

Washing away the sorrow and pain,

But knowing of the flood,

Coursing throughout my blood,

Flowing in bitter sympathy,

Like a determined symphony,

Fixing what never was broken,

Whose words were once unspoken,

‘Cause nothing is left to lost,

No matter the anxious cost,

For I am stronger than I think,

Despite these blotches of ink,

Where I see my imbalances,

Making good of these chances,

With a destiny worth writing,

Through a heart that’s beating.


  • Goldfinch60

    Great words Audax and the line
    "That perfection is a flaw,"
    is so telling, if we reached perfection how could we move on in life, we always need something for which to reach in our lives.


    • Audax

      Andy, as always, thank you! Your words are truly appreciated. They are filled with so much value and wisdom. Just woke up this morning, and one word popped in my head after another, which prompted me to write this poem. Never stop writing and always speak from the heart!

    • orchidee

      A fine write Audax.
      Now for my next poem: 'I am perfect, not human!' lol. When was I ever human? heehee.

      • Audax

        Lol! Thank you for taking the time to read my poem and to leave a comment. I am thinking about creating a poem that is full of humor and parody, which will be a stark contrast from most of my poems. May take some time, but it can be done.

        PS. If you ever want to keep your dream alive, you just have to do one thing: hit the snooze button! 🙃

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        ANGELA HERE ~ Good Evening AUDAX ~ Love your Title & the Poem that amplifies it ! Many Poeple do not appreciate the infinite Priviledge & Honour of BEING HUMAN ! Spritual Beings ~ Creaed Godlike ~ *Infinitely Higher than the Apes* & Only just *A little lower than the ANGELS* ~ AMEN. Not just Creatures of God but (through Faith in Christ Atonement) Children of God filled with Gods Holy S pirit ~ Not made Perfect (that will happen when we reach Heaven !) but SANCTIFIED ~ made HOLY so we can be Gods Faithful Witnesses & Represenives on Earth ! Think BILLY GRAHAM ~ thats what God can do with ONE MAN who is totally dedicated to HIM ! Bily sure was Human ~ BUT ~ He never claimed to be PERFECT ~ AMEN

        Blessings to You & Yours
        Love ANGELA & BRIAN

      • AwHec8

        Good Write Audax. Don
        Causes pause in me to think about Love, Life and our Humanity.

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