Why Me?

Why? Why are you ignoring me? Why do you continue to act like I don't exist? Why are

you ignoring my texts? You never reply to my texts but yet you're so quick to text everyone

else back. You claim that you're so busy especially with work but yet you're always out with

with your friends. The same friends who wouldn't pick up the phone for you at 1am while

you were crying, but yet I picked up. And you told me that I made you feel better. The

same friends who don’t even value you, talk shit about you, use you or just don't care. Why

are you so quick to find someone new and give him all of your attention? Why did you fill my

head with lies? You told me that you love me, I'm important to you, you care about me…

Why did you tell me all of that just for you to act like this? Why can't you just tell me that you

don't want to talk rather than ignore me?

  • Author: KayDied (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 31st, 2020 23:12
  • Category: Friendship
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  • jarcher54

    Being ignored, being cancelled, hurts like nothing else. Besides hoping you can be strong and find peace, from my vantage point of 66 years of loving and sometimes heartbreak, I remind you to remember that the other person may be confused or misled or have their own demons or just be incapable of being open or caring of others at this point in their life. Be as brave and altruistic as you can. Having someone else's best interest at heart when they least deserve it is to my mind the best remedy to your own agony. I appreciate your honest, soul-baring vignette. You've transformed your pain into a little work of art that speaks truth and reminds each of us of our own broken hearts.

    • KayDied

      I understand. It's just that it hurts so much considering the love I have for her. And she's my only friend or was... No matter what though, I'll always love her and be there for her.

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