Gary Edward Geraci


Joy, joy, joy oh tripartite joy!

On winged insects bathing plumage feast,

Flown from forests, over fields of beast,

Drawn to gurgling fountains falling, toy

Landscapes of castled estates a boy

Dreams of sharing, her laughter his peace.

Requite love, pure and free, not to cease,

Not to flicker, nor to fail - enjoy!


One Whom time does not diminish

Unites their souls, bodies transfigured,

Weary no more, without depletion,

Life springs forward in form and finish.

Highborn, transcendent at Tabor, fed

By Christ and through Christ, take completion.


Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    Good write Gary.
    The Church of England (CofE) [Protestant] in UK, has this festival in some Prayer Books.
    Our patron Saint of England, St George, don't get a look in (April 23rd); nor St Valentine! Probably thinks we are fogies, and bit eccentric chaps, messing about with Saints killing dragons, so it left us out! lol.

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      Well they help us see how others lived during the struggles and trials of their day and yet still managed to follow Christ in a praise worthy way. I’ll have to look into the life of St George, the patron Saint of England.

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Saints killing dragons you say? Of the Lucifer variety perhaps? Saint Michael the Archangel comes to mind.

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