Memories of Steel

Memories of steel
Break with heat
From love born
Two souls meet

Landing a hand
Lifting the crown
Ocean to lake
None to drown

Sorrow and blood
Suffering and bone
King and queen
Promise of stone

Clouds going away
Revealing the bliss
Two smiles shown
Preaching to this

Memories of steel
Break with heat
From love born
A life sweet



    Boa Noite AGIEL ~ Obrigado por seu POEMA ELEGANTE ! We have a sying in English *His heart was cold as Steel* Befor we met each other four Years ago (weve been married since March 2020) BRIAN & I both had Relationships (I with Men & Brian with Ladies !) which were cold as ICE or STEEL no warmth of LOVE ! We met at a Hospital Dance (a good place to meet !) and as the night progressed (and as your poem expresses) Love produces HEAT ~ HEAT melts cold Hearts *E nossa Vida juntos e semprre Doce e Quenta !*

    Amo ~ Paz e Alegria ~ de Nos para Voce
    Angel e Brian e Gato Fumo (Smokey Cat) ! ! !
    Please check our Site and our FUSION POEM
    pleaes add a Poem ! Click on DEVELOPING
    to see it. Spanish is our Second Language
    which as you know is very similar to Portuguese !
    WE love PORTUGAL ~ The Algarve ~ Lisbon
    and the Duro for the Port. Angela aqui ~ Mi Padre
    es Espanol (Mecante del Vino Rioja) but I was
    Born (1988) and raised in England. Mi Madre es Ingles
    Iam a PHYSIOTHERAPIST. Brian (36) is a Lecturer in
    Applied Sciene ina Vocational College ! Es Un Caballero
    Verdad ~ Fluente en Espanol ~ Amorado de Todas cosas Hispanicos
    Toca La Guitarra Classica ! He was Spanish Enough for Mi
    Padre to say SI SI SI ~ AMEN !

  • Goldfinch60

    The warmth of love can break any steel and make life so wonderful.


    • Agiel

      Absolutely agree.

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