Adam Shirley


You can despise my blood that you quench, 

And sow your narrative on the biased leaves

Thus henceforth to which they believe

But alas the watcher, knows; as we all suspect. 

That the powerful waves to which I was unable to reject

Drowned me in sorrow, trauma and repent. 


Apathetic to be when I view your keen of most;

find courteous grudges. Are you really seeing me or seeing who I am with, please. 

I've found connoisseurs who can act more phony. 

Can it be known that I have blown all winds of direction; deception-- I was blinded to foresee.


As the clashes of the ocean find a source of zen.

I pity all your fools and bid if they can find any, by then-

I submerge, I submerge.

To the water I am gone. 

I submerge, I submerge.

To false graces, I was never wrong. 

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