I forgive you for not being

Who I wanted you to be


It’s okay that you didn’t meet my expectations

Some bars I set too high

But most were easy to reach

I never gave you any patience

But hindsight is 20/20 and now I see


I forgive you for not being

Who I expected you to be


It’s okay that you let me down

Even if all the weight was on my shoulders

And you stood by as I drowned

I crawled on broken glass over huge boulders

And you never helped me out


I forgive you for not being

Who I hoped you would be


It’s okay that you failed a time or two

I never thought about what you’d been through

Even if I endured the same things as you

I couldn’t justify what you choose to do

I guess everything is relevant to a point of view


I forgive you for bringing out

The worst versions of myself


It’s okay that you gave up

Even at the expense of all our dreams

It seems we needed a break to refill our cup

Time and space to recollect our thoughts

And pull ourselves together


Its okay that you left things half finished

Or didn’t try you best at everything

Its okay that you didn’t try at something’s at all

I know you’re scared to fail

If I didn’t hold all your mistakes against you

I know you wouldn’t hide behind a veil


I understand now it was me

Who is to blame for it all

And the events that progressed were my fault

Even though a relationship takes two

The only person who can take the heat is me

Because I am here

And you’re just the man in the mirror


I forgive you for not being

Who I wanted you to be

I forgot that you’re human too

I whispered to you

Through a teary eyed smile

I walked away from who I used to be


  • Unsub

    This reads like you are talking to yourself in the mirror reflecting on life's downfall.

    Whether that's right or not this one is filled with emotion, mostly regret.

    Smile & start again a fresh.


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