A Mermaids Tale

A Mermaids Tale


That was the last we saw of her


…..     The mermaids tail that was

now all of her blues and her


…..     and her silvers an all

are quite marbled away

Like the

…..     skin of a mackerel

long since landed and played

Her wave washed goodbye said it all

…..  and gave the whole game way

to a sigh on the wind

and since then

…..      she has only by seen

by gulls, cormorants, and crakes

But for a moment

…..  back then, I just knew I could fly..


  • L. B. Mek

    a fairy tale grounded in the reality of intricate details, wonderfully dreamy - immersive writing.
    has that semblance of the child we carry within us, to our very end

    • Neville

      ... Thanks L.B .. Not just for kids are they ... fairy tails, I mean ..

      ... Neville 🙂

    • Fay Slimm.

      The essence of mermaid tales are so well enfolded in this colourful read Nev. - - just imagine the magic of flying above the sightings of these legendary sea-maids - - great read.

      • Neville

        ................ How very truer that true n truly true truly too ma'am .. now wouldn't that be nice eh Fay
        .... x

      • orchidee

        Good write of a sea-faring lass Neville.

        • Neville

          .. Thanks Orchidee........ tis just a bit o fun .. I do like a good mermaid ... but its not the same since they stopped serving em in newspaper 🙂

        • dusk arising

          We all fly in our dreams and see the jewelry of our minds imagination - here the light reflects off the shimmering of mermaid incantation and then.... as if waking.... we are momentarily the bird but..... oh, here is reality again.

          An absorbing, enchanting read which took me places which \i enjoyed very much.... going to re-read now.

          • Neville

            absolutely DA ... you got it sir ... you cant beat a good dream now can ya .. and two visits, is a dream come true ..

          • MendedFences27

            A tail of fantasy, breaking through the waves, instilling flight ambitions, and disappearing with the return of reality.
            Brief and colorful descriptions, just enough to wet the readers appetite,
            a bit of sadness at the end "a sigh on the wind." and acceptance of the impossible, " I just knew I could fly." altogether a great tale superbly rendered. Thanks for a brief moment of fantasy. - Phil A.

            • Neville

              Blimey .. I really can't thank you enough my friend, thank you ever so much for this most encouraging review comment .. I really am most grateful ..

              ... Neville

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