My Speech to the Genie


I wish that I were happy being me.

That my eyes would sparkle in the mirror. 

That I wouldn’t hold back the most raw version of myself.

I wish so deeply that I would stop comparing. 

That the yearning to be like those who have what I don’t would cease.

That the days wouldn’t seem so wasteful.

I wish that there were more pieces of paper to burn.

That the well wasn’t so dry and the rain so infrequent.

That the thirsty fish would no longer swim.

I wish for the day when I find myself and walk with her.

That loneliness would cease when I become a lone wolf.

That I would howl to the moon and dance under the stars.

I wish for the night when I find another lone wolf to howl with. 

That he would hear my cries and bound toward me with fierceness.

That I would be in a sweet, soft, meadow of his love and affection until I die.

I wish for vibrancy and music to fill up my empty spaces.

That my face would turn from gray to a bed of rose like lips and angelic eyes.

That my voice would emanate over crowds and move them to tears.

Won’t you hear my wishes Genie? 

Or am I to fulfill them all myself?


  • Author: Leya Virago (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 20th, 2020 01:45
  • Comment from author about the poem: This came to me as I was loathing over my life and thinking about all the things that my siblings, my friends, my family and colleagues have. I realized that making a list of the things I want, figuring out how to get them, and working to achieve those goals is the only way. I can't wallow in what I WISH I had. I need to make a shopping list for what I want and buy the damned stuff! Never the less, I still sit and ponder why I haven't gotten further in life. So here's a poetic LIFEGOALS list. Anyone else out there feel as though they never check any boxes?
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  • dusk arising

    Been there, done that, the wish for a gene dies and you're left all alone to accept yourselfhowever you are and then.... (fanfare of trumpets) you start living in earnest. Don't look for that other wolf, your new self assured personna will attract them for sure and thats when you have to learn being choosey....

    Enjoyed reading this today. The world will fulfill your ever changing wishes and those wishes will come to terms with what you actually need.... smile often.

    • MaddieJ

      Thanks DA I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment with such interest. I will stop looking for the other wolf. I have my weak moments though! I will smile and think of your encouraging comments as I move forward.

    • orchidee

      I tried a genie - it didn't work! He went up in a puff of smoke. Well, I stood the lamp on a stove by mistake, and he burnt up. Doh! lol.

      • MaddieJ

        Orchidee! You cooked the poor fella.

      • L. B. Mek

        I think you have a genuine quality of relatability in your choice phrasing and imagery,
        it is a unique skill to make the seemingly straightforward, delve deep and tickle those dark shadows that exist within us all,
        great effort
        but, never stop dreaming of genie's or fairies: for when we let ourselves outgrow them, we subject ourselves to an existence where magic, happenstance and good old luck - are obsolete,
        where then will we source our guiding tethers of hope, in these bleak wilderness of masked reality streets

        • MaddieJ

          Thank you for stopping by and reading this random write. I wasn't planning on posting it, but thought why not... It is my goal to dig out those corners of regular life that aren't tilled or turned over very often. Like walking by gray river rocks and turning one over to find that it sparkles on the other side or visa versa. It's fun to twist reality and wonder at the variables especially when we live in the wilderness you speak of. It's hard to know what is ahead or if the wishes will come true.

        • Andrew Charles Forrest

          To MadieJ

          Be the change M

          You can do more today than you will be able to tomorrow so do it now

          Youth is your greatest friend make all your mistakes early while there still time to forget them.

          Lone wolves never find each other... go looking for him... he IS out there I promise

          Take care

          • MaddieJ

            Thank you ever so much for your comments and encouraging words Andrew. I am overjoyed to be a part of a poetic community that shares these experiences with each other and understands the artistic expression of real life situations as well as a little but of imagination and mystery. You and others like you, are the reason I keep coming back here!


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