Abase him who is high

Those who are first will be last

The meek will be ahead of the class.

But those who strive to lead us all

Could be in for a frightening fall.


They control the affairs of whom they lead.

They remove the portion from those in need

And give it to others that have had their fill

And support their claims to the top of the hill.


They lead like donkeys through war and blood.

They tread on the bodies to escape the mud.

They dance in joy at each financial crash.

But when Shiloh comes their teeth will gnash.


They serve the dark they no longer have light.

They bury their sins in the cover of night.

And scurry  to remove the fingerprints

In the narrow hope to serve their  prince.


The state of the world is now a mess

Before the judge their crimes will confess.

Woken from the grave the martyrs and dead, 

And he who tramples on the serpents head.




  • orchidee

    A fine write Gavin. I sense you believe in the triumph of light over dark, without, as some may say, there has to be dark for light to be seen.
    I think there could be light without necessarily having dark, or in some cases - symbolically and literally.

    • Gavin

      Definitely true about not necessarily having darkness.

      If you stand with God and his light you don't have to worry about the dark evil.

      Truly a blessed stance you take Orchidee.

    • Audax

      I’m truly impressed with this poem, and I like the rhyme scheme you got going! You explore the concept of how people abuse their power and only propagate evil and corruption in the world. But there will always be good in the world and evil will never triumph. Thank you for sharing. Your words are powerful!

      Please check out my newest poems! I would greatly appreciate it!

      • Gavin

        Thank very much Audax, that's really appreciated.

        I will look at your poems now.

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