It’s called RAPE


After committing a crime

After taking away my “pride”

You turned to the world and say that I’ve lied

That it’s fake tears that I’ve cried


You said he raped you? You should have reported it

There would be evidence of abrasion from his penetration

But my fear is when I come with my doctor’s report

He’d say I wanted it

That I liked it rough


Maybe silence is my answer

Cause when I was a child, that worked

So when my uncles would call, I would answer

They told me to keep it hush else it’s me my mama would flog


I’ve grown up with this burden

And so many directions to prevent a second occurrence from happening

“Don’t wear that or don’t speak back, and don’t walk alone at night”, like I’m some priced property

Like I’m waiting for the one entitled to that piece of my body


Maybe this is what I was born for

To be taken advantage of

To be told what to do and where to go and never let my ugly truth fall

To look perfect even when I’m not

To hold bruises and scars and memories that are never to be spoken of


But I’m sick and tired and I can see I’m not the only one

Hello sisters... let’s tell our stories one by one

That’s one way to root out this curse



  • Author: KCO III (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 21st, 2020 01:18
  • Category: Sad
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  • L. B. Mek

    there shall never be enough regret or apology in the world to heal some of the atrocities - we, of humanity commit upon each other,
    there is never a darkness - so complete, that a glow of defiance and self-owned pride cannot Phoenix into shards of hope's guiding light,
    its never too late, to share, to vent and hopefully, eventually - recapture that part of you those with evil intent - attempt, to entrap within those: victim's isles, of society's ignorant eyes
    more power to you sister! sing loud, sing proud and sing your truth: till all our ears bleed, with the empathy of true humanity


    ANGELA HERE ~ HI KAYCHEE (nice name !) Thanks for a very Frank but harrowing well penned Poem on RAPE ! As a recently married Lady (4 months) Im pleased my Sisiters are fighting back ! I am a Church Youth Leader and I tell all My Girls that their VIRGINITY (PRIDE) is the most precious thing they posess NOT to be stolen in RAPE but to be shared in a TRUE LOVE relationship ! My MAMA warned me that Men of all ages would want to steal it - and that is true. Fortunately I am quite strong & never did drugs or got drunk - so in compromising situations (I was 17 when I first had to resist) so when I said NO NO NO they took notice. Technically I was still a VIRGIN (no penile penetration) when I married BRIAN (@ 32 four Months ago). He is a GENTLEMAN and resects all of My Body like it was the Holy Grail. There are Men like Brian out there - Im prayin* you will find one !

    Every Blessing - Love - Joy & Peace
    Your Loving Sister ~ ANGELA 💛💛💛
    Please check our Site & Fusion ~ Thanks.

  • TheBalladofMebo

    The society will only change if Men (male gender) change their views on women. If not, no matter how much money you will have, no matter how much education or influence you may get as a woman, You still have a high probability of being a victim of rape. It is so sad how men make us feel Insecure and the world was meant for both genders to survive. This is a war, And all women regardless should put on an armor cause its time.

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