White Wooden Porch

On that old,
white wooden porch,
that has been standing,
for fifty years,
we have sat together,
every morning and evening,
as the sunrises and sunsets,
brought us nearer.
We sat on the wooden swing,
until over time,
it began to rot,
and I can't even imagine,
all the metal chairs,
cushioned chairs,
and rocking chairs,
over time that I have bought.
I built the porch for us,
when we were in our thirties.
Over fifty years,
I renovated,
and you repainted it,
about seven times.
Now again,
it is beginning,
to get worn and dirty.
So we sit,
on the white porch swing,
every morning,
and have our coffee,
and talk about how we met.
Then in the evening,
we sit,
you hold my hand,
and rest your head,
on my shoulder,
as the sun begins to set.

Feeling the sand beneath our feet,
We will never know defeat,
‘Cause you and I are finally together,
Walking hand and hand to a beautiful wonder,
In which hearts sing a song,
Where nothing goes wrong,
As we come and lay on this porch,
Knowing that love can light up a torch.

as we sit and remember a time long gone,we are preparing ourselves for a new day to dawn.holding hands and whispering sweet nothings to eachother,im so thankful that you chose me for your lover

I too chime in how to espouse husbandly duties
at about a quarter century after we (I)
pledged our troth, the faded yet still wistful recollection, where yours truly met the missus, which memorable venue (contra dancing at Summit Presbyterian Church (located within Mount Airy, Pennsylvania) seems like an eternity these waning days of August 2020.
Yours truly besotted with immaturity when thee missus reached into her bag of tricks to exhibit innovative techniques to snag her lifelong partner, his (i.e. mine), whose recalcitrant reactions nearly undermined an awkward bout of flirtation courtesy novitiate late bloomer, a frequent date with disaster predicated upon lack (nee devoid) of socialization skills, whereby this former long haired pencil necked geek embarrassingly fumbled, and/or oftimes during courtship blurted out inapropos sentiments, plus found himself overly sexually excited blundering with hormonal secretion.
Now approximately two and a half decades since justice of the peace Judge Henry J. Schireson Narberth - District #38-01-06 925 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 100 of Narberth, Pennsylvania codied, satisfied, and verified holy matrimony between two figurative birds of a feather, who flocked together (linkedin courtesy developmental delay, (viz emotional, mental, and social weaknesses) both of us invariably gained strength greater than our individual maturation.

on our white wooden porch,we share our love,delivered to us directly from god above.we met long ago on a online poetry site,we just started talking and it just felt right.two years separated we found our way back to each other again.

Most people may look,
and at first glance,
they think that I,
am all by myself,
on a white wooden porch swing.
the out of the door,
comes a butterfly,
who lands right next to me.


  • blue orchid

    thank you it's perfect

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