I swear Am goin' fight for you, am goin' to do that

Just trust me, Not everything is physical

And the greatest battles are won in the mind.


That's how I feel when I seem am not lovin' you enough,

'Ave got your back, Like a backbone that you are conscious it's there,

You shouldn't worry, about confirming its presence every time,

Am always around your zone.


I just have alien tendencies, I hate normal

Things , people , life, situations,

Anything normal is a No! No!


Am Aquarius so I love from afar sometimes, My emotions comes like seasons

At that state am helpless, It's when i need saving the most

I disconnect myself to recharge through other sources.


Existence should be total humanity, I need to synch my mind, body and soul to a harmonious tune

I ain't a judge of nature or philosophy, But I cant make you happy if am half myself

That's on Facts,

Ain't selfish either, I find strength in isolation

Hope you understand that, Friend.


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